Original Compositions

Nada Untuk Asa

This is my composition for the opening scene of Nada Untuk Asa the movie. It was done in January 2015. Nada Untuk Asa is a movie about a woman who manage to live a positive life even though she’s HIV positive.


I wrote the music and the lyrics for this song around the end of 2006. Finally I got the chance to recorded it when I met the band, Abstregio in 2008. We recorded in a home computer using my old pc, except for the vocal where we recorded in a studio. All the band member helps with the arrangements.

Vocal : Meikelin Yopitania
Guitar (rythm and lead) : Wishnu Handy
El.piano, organ, violin synth: Nanin Wardhani
El. Bass : Donny Gosal
Drums : Ferdi Ferdian

Rondo Nanin

This was a performance of “Rondo Nanin” at Margo Friday Jazz.
I still can’t find the right title for this composition so I just call it “Rondo Nanin” 😀
I composed the piece during the Serambi Jazz Workshop by Florian Ross (Jazz pianist/composer from German), held in Goethe Institute Jakarta.

The 5 days workshop was about how to compose from scratch. We were taught how to start composing, collecting small ideas (melodic and rythmic), and from those ideas we built a whole composition.

I picked one of the idea, it was a melodic 6th interval, and this is the final version of the composition. Enjoy 🙂

Piano: Nanin Wardhani
Bass: Victor Alam
Drums: Areza Riandra

Hutan Kamyaka

I made this for my film scoring class assignment. We were asked to make a modern mix rock-style music for one of the scene of a musical show.

So here it is, suddenly I became a rocker. Rock on!! :p

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