Music Arrangements


This was arranged for Ballet Sumber Cipta performance, A Tribute To Ibu Sud “Burung Gelatik”. Recorded live on December 8th, 2013 at Graha Bhakti Budaya TIM. Performed by Fantasia Orchestra, choir by SD Kristen Calvin


I was asked to make an a cappella arrangement for JICC concert. The theme of the concert was Saturday Night Fever.This is a medley arrangement of “Fifth of Beethoven” and “Jive Talkin'”.

So here it is, I mix it up a little bit with beatboxing. Thanks JICC!


This single by Zinnia is part of the Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran compilation album.
I did the vocal and music arrangement for this song. I worked with Aries Irwansyah to write song & lyrics.

Vocal: Shinta Mareti, Sarma DaHita, Aries Irwansyah, Gio Tomasowa
El. piano, strings: Nanin Wardhani
El. Bass: Steven Pasaribu
Drums: Shandy Satya


Manuk Dadali is a traditional song from West Java, Indonesia.

I was asked to do the music & vocal arrangement for JICC (Jakarta International Community Choir). The task was to make an arrangement that sounds modern, but still has Indonesia sound and feel. I was also requested to produce the music (minus one/backing track).

So I came up with this arrangement. Thanks JICC for the great performance.

One thought on “Music Arrangements

  1. You should post “Ballad of Sweeney” and “God That’s Good”…. they were super duper cool arrangement you did..!!! Great performance by JICC as well…. ahaha….

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