I’m A Cyborg But That’s O.K.

Music composed & arranged by: Nanin Wardhani

This is the 2nd project for my film scoring class (woodwind project). We recorded the flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon (very special thanks to Donna, Subandrio, Emil, and Seto) live at PonPin Studio. I edited and combined these instruments with midi virtual instruments, mix them, and sync it with the movie.

The assignment was to compose the opening song for this movie, and record the woodwind section.

This movie is about a girl who thinks that she’s a cyborg. Her mother send her to a mental institution because she believes that she’s a cyborg and if she eats, it will damage her electronic system inside her body. She licks battery and electricute herself to recharge her “power”. 

When I composed this music, I tried to capture the twisted mind, comedy/playfull feeling.

This video is used for educational purpose only, not for commercial use.

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