FTV Trans TV

Teror Badut Pasar Malam

This is my first time composing music for FTV(Film Television). My first time to have my name appear on national TV! In the opening credit and credit title at the end “Penata Musik : Nanin Wardani” (they spell my name wrong -_-)

The deadline was crazy, I had no idea that it would be this extreme. I had to make music for around 80 minutes long (non stop) in two days only. The video that was given to me was not the final cut. So when I see the end result, I think the editing team changed it a little bit. They cut and spot the music here and there.

I didn’t really enjoy the working process, but I’m quite happy with the end result. It’s a good experience for me 😀

So here’s a part of the film, I got it from youtube, someone uploaded it. (It was aired on Trans TV, March 8th 2013)

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