Saturday Night Fever JICC Concert

Here’s a video from the JICC (Jakarta International Community Choir) Saturday Night Fever concert on March 17th, 2013. I was asked to make a medley acappella arrangement of these two songs for the concert, Fifth Of Beethoven and Jive Talkin’. It was quite challenging because these two songs were popular, and I wanted to make it sound “new”. I tried to come up with something interesting and modern, so I mix it up with beatboxing. I also beatbox for this song :-p (not on stage but from the sound mixer control room)

A special thanks to Indri who conducted the choir and made the backing track for this concert (she’s the one acting as the waitress)

And here’s some pictures from the concert. Lots of fun!


“A Fifth Of Beethoven – Jive Talkin”

Yesterday, we tried to sing my a cappela arrangement of “A Fifth Of Beethoven – Jive Talkin” during a choir (JICC) rehearsal. It was really fun. I helped a little bit, not singing, but beatboxing (mid to end) hahahaha… I’m not a beatboxer, so excuse me for not being perfect.

A Fifth Of Beethoven – Jive Talkin

I think it will be really great once we’ve mastered it. Can’t wait to hear the final version of it 😀