Short Films With Live Music Scoring

Film Scoring recital

Watch 6 short films (3 from Indonesia and 3 from Philippine) while the music being played live. Free admision at Goethe Haus, Sunday Feb 17th at 7pm. I’ll see you there 😀

It’s Official. My First Film Scoring

It’s so exciting to see your own name in the credit title. It means that you’re part of the team, involved in the process of making the music for the film. For me, this just happened yesterday. Got the news that the documentary film is finished, and already aired on the internet (FIMELA TV).

Please click on the following link for more details about the film 😀


This film is produced by FIMELA TV, Dove and Miles Films and directed by Ratrikala Bhre Aditya. Thank you to Indra Perkasa who gave me this opportunity, and to Areza Riandra as the team mate.

XXI Short Film Festival (get your film played in the cinema!)

To all filmmakers here’s a good news for you! You want your film to be played in the cinema all around Indonesia?

I was browsing through the internet, and then found this XXI Short Film Festival. This is a great chance for you! You just need to submit your film (deadline Dec 10th 2012), and if you pass the selection stage, all the finalists’ films will be played in the XXI theatres! The winners will be announced on the last day of the festival in March 2013. Woohoo! Continue reading

Nosferatu (film by Murnau, music by Oser)

I just went to see “Nosferatu” at Teater Besar Jakarta, TIM. Amazing! This was my first time watching film screening, with live music from the choir and orchestra.

Nosferatu“(1922) is a silent movie by Friedrich W. Murnau, the new music was composed by Pierre Oser. It’s such an honour to have the composer itself conducting the music tonight, and to have Jakarta as the location for the world premiere.

Great composition, great performance by Batavia Madrigal Singers and Capella Amadeus, and interesting movie. The combination of the music and the film is just perfect. I hope I can do something as good as this one for my film scoring class final project (film screening with live music) *wish me luck* 😀

For you who missed it, you can go to Bandung tomorrow (Oct 7th 2012, 7.30 pm). They will perform the same thing at Aula Barat ITB. It’s better to reserve the ticket first before you go, but if you don’t, maybe they have some tickets left..kind of gambling, but it’s worth it 🙂

Short film music scoring (final project)

Yesterday at the end of our film scoring class, we got an exciting announcement for our final year project.

The assignment is, we have to compose music for a short film, and then perform the music live (small orchestra + sequencer) while the film is being played, and we have to conduct the small orchestra too. We all really excited about this project, but also worried at the same time. We’re worried coz none of us has ever done something like this.

Can’t imagine the long process that we will going through. Find the right movie, discussion with the director, composing the music, programming the sequencer, rehearsal with the small orchestra etc. The thing is, me and my classmates mostly are musicians, we play an instrument. We don’t have the network to the filmmakers yet.

So now we’re looking for short film (duration +/- 10mins), any genre, no music scoring yet, movie with or without dialogues are fine.

Is there any filmmaker here that wants to get the music done for his/her film? Maybe we can create something great together 😀