XXI Short Film Festival (get your film played in the cinema!)

To all filmmakers here’s a good news for you! You want your film to be played in the cinema all around Indonesia?

I was browsing through the internet, and then found this XXI Short Film Festival. This is a great chance for you! You just need to submit your film (deadline Dec 10th 2012), and if you pass the selection stage, all the finalists’ films will be played in the XXI theatres! The winners will be announced on the last day of the festival in March 2013. Woohoo!

More info about this festival, just click XXI Short Film Festival

This is quite a coincidence. Because recently, I wrote in this blog that I’m looking for a short film for my film scoring class final project. If you’re interested and thinking of participating in this festival, and you need help with the music scoring maybe you (filmmakers) can work together with me and let me do the scoring. You get the music done for the film, and I get the film for my final assignment 😀

FYI, me and my classmates are still looking for the right short film for each of us, for this film scoring final project.

So, can’t wait to work with a real filmmaker, feel free to contact me by email or twitter (it’s on the homepage), hope we can make a great work of art together 🙂


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