Business card

I never had a proper personal business card. What I have right now is a business card from the music school that I teach in. So, since I set up this blog/website, I decide that now’s the time for me to get my personal business card.

I searched in google for several examples of musicians business cards. There were tons of great examples. I browse here and there, and finally end up in this blog, a tutorial from a graphic designer named Chris Spooner. He described it step by step how to make the business card. (Thanks Chris!)

At first I thought it would be very hard, because I have never used any software for designing stuff such as photoshop and adobe illustrator, at all. Then I decided to try it, just for fun, no harm :p

I followed Chris’ tutorial, step by step (well I skipped a step, I didn’t do anything with the background :p), and voila! Here’s what I got, a two-sided business card. What do you guys think? Any comments? FYI I’m not a designer, and I have never done any design works before 😀

If any of you want to try to make your own, here’s the link to Chris Spooner tutorial


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