Short film music scoring (final project)

Yesterday at the end of our film scoring class, we got an exciting announcement for our final year project.

The assignment is, we have to compose music for a short film, and then perform the music live (small orchestra + sequencer) while the film is being played, and we have to conduct the small orchestra too. We all really excited about this project, but also worried at the same time. We’re worried coz none of us has ever done something like this.

Can’t imagine the long process that we will going through. Find the right movie, discussion with the director, composing the music, programming the sequencer, rehearsal with the small orchestra etc. The thing is, me and my classmates mostly are musicians, we play an instrument. We don’t have the network to the filmmakers yet.

So now we’re looking for short film (duration +/- 10mins), any genre, no music scoring yet, movie with or without dialogues are fine.

Is there any filmmaker here that wants to get the music done for his/her film? Maybe we can create something great together 😀

Business card

I never had a proper personal business card. What I have right now is a business card from the music school that I teach in. So, since I set up this blog/website, I decide that now’s the time for me to get my personal business card.

I searched in google for several examples of musicians business cards. There were tons of great examples. I browse here and there, and finally end up in this blog, a tutorial from a graphic designer named Chris Spooner. He described it step by step how to make the business card. (Thanks Chris!) Continue reading

Zinnia Reunion

Well it’s not a reunion as if we’re coming back to exist in the music scene..,together… well at least not for now, but maybe in the future, who knows :p This could be the beginning of something for us..

It’s been quite a long time since we (zinnia members and former members) all gather and have dinner together. It’s great to know that everybody is doing well, and some of us still do some music in our own way 😀

Here’s a pic of us, too bad Steven and Peggy can’t join us.. (left-right: me, aries, gio, shinta, icha, sarma)

Gig at Rolling Stone Cafe Jakarta

Starting September 2012, I play regularly at Rolling Stone Cafe, Jakarta. Every Monday, from 8-11pm, great venue, fun gig, with Beben and friends (Beben guitar @bebenjazz, Yudi vocal @yudibrown, Ricky bass @ricky_frmnsyah, Nair drums @nairdrum).

Please come… Everyone can join us, just bring your instruments (except if you want to use ours) and have fun jamming on the stage 🙂

Here’s how the stage look like (I forgot to ask someone to take picture during the performance :p)

“A Fifth Of Beethoven – Jive Talkin”

Yesterday, we tried to sing my a cappela arrangement of “A Fifth Of Beethoven – Jive Talkin” during a choir (JICC) rehearsal. It was really fun. I helped a little bit, not singing, but beatboxing (mid to end) hahahaha… I’m not a beatboxer, so excuse me for not being perfect.

A Fifth Of Beethoven – Jive Talkin

I think it will be really great once we’ve mastered it. Can’t wait to hear the final version of it 😀