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In Theaters, April 14th 2016

Poster Juara

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Kartini Jazz at Galeri Indonesia Kaya                  April 24th, 2016                   3.30pm-4.30pm

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  1. Nanin is a very genius pianist, arranger, and composer to me. She’d been my teacher since the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, I have to temporarily stop my piano lessons. In the next future hope to be able to work with Extraordinary Nanin again ;)))

  2. Nanin is such a great talent. She has helped me made some real nice music accompaniments from some new Broadway songs. Last month she accompanied me on piano when I performed John Buchino’s “Grateful”, in such a short notice. Thanks for all the effort… Keep with with your creativity…!!!

  3. Nanin is such a great pianist, a brilliant and creative arranger & composer, a teacher, a friend, and a sister..! She has her own style in making such great music, and when i hear something that she plays, i will be like “yeah, it is so typically Nanin..” and it’s good! that’s the originality that’s keeping it real in musician’s soul! so keep up the good work, nin!

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